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During the early 1990s the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party, then in opposition, presented a Vision to the people of this tiny twin island Federation.
The vision called for the creation of a new Caribbean town at the historic village of Dieppe Bay, essentially built around a marine facility to receive smaller, more luxurious cruise vessels and pleasure craft.
After election victory in July 1995, the party proceeded to convert this Vision into reality. Mindful of the need to join forces with experienced, proven and respectable partners, the new Government immediately proceeded to put in place the necessary legislative and institutional framework to implement the vision.
The existing Vision for Dieppe Bay was soon transformed into a Linear Garden Town concept that involves not only Dieppe Bay but also the other nearby villages of Saddlers, Harris, Belle Vue,  Parsons, St. Paul and Newton Ground. The suggested Vision brings into play in a most remarkable way, a majestic mountain side environment, the exceptional coast line and the immense heritage of sugar plantation houses together with the sugar plantation infrastructure.  The ancient harbour of Dieppe Bay provides its centerpiece with the creation of a major yacht marina, new fast boat tourist services to all the ring of islands to the north and new exports of fruits and vegetables. Two sites, the first between Saddlers and Sandy Bay, the other between St. Paul’s and Courpons Bay, provide totally exceptional business potential.
To all this, the Vision adds three more remarkable developments. First, the creation of a major eco-park around the 4000ft Mount Liamigua and volcanic crater, the immense rain forest and the great ravines (ghauts) bringing the rain water down the mountain sides. Alongside, a five-star Eco Hotel with two totally natural golf courses dramatically spanning the ravines. New plantation houses cascade down the mountainside. New quality houses fit into the folds of the landscape around the golf courses and old sugar estate ruins. Finally, there is the romantic re-use of the existing sugar line railway as the heritage and scenic trail for tourists through the Whitegate region all the way round the the island. 

The Government is fully supportive of this evolved Vision, as are the people of the villages and indeed the wider national community.

We invite you to share our Vision and join us in its Creation…………


Dr. Denzil Douglas
Prime Minister
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